The Three Keys…Adam and Eve Lost!

The Three Keys…Adam and Eve Lost! by Rodney Folkers


The Three Keys…Adam and Eve Lost!


Adam and Eve lost the keys unto the Kingdom!


Jesus said, My Kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy through the Holy Ghost or by the Holy Spirit.  None is righteousness in his fallen estate as a natural born creation.  Not one person!


Why? Because a Law called Death has canceled out mankind’s standing with God…or being the same as God.


Death itself, in the beginning, was not the creation of God as we understand death.  The first death is the separation from God who is the life of all his creation! God alone gave his creation it’s life and the role that it plays in fullfilling it’s creative purpose.


God rules over his creation by sound.  Sound represents His voice.  In other words His voice goes out into the earth…for He neither sleeps nor slumbers.


All of His creation knows His Voice!


Rodney Folkers

The Messenger

Copyright © 2018 Rodney Folkers All Rights Reserved




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