The Eyes of Fire…

The Eyes of Fire… By Rodney Folkers


For the Bride is sealed in fire, purged in fire, walks in fire and is illuminated with fire…her clothing is fire!

  They are the elect of god and do not see death.  Death has no power in them.  No corrupt seed.  They are of the Zadok order and are blameless.
  This group will feed the flock with pure bread and new wine…because they have access to the storehouse in heaven!
They are of the order of the first creation, before the fall.  They serve foundation seed only….Pure Seed.
  As a golden container, they serve what they are themselves.  As the God of Glory thunders, so do these repeat and give out His Word with clarity.  These possess the King’s message to all in the Kingdom who have prepared themselves…  washed their robes.
They are a hidden spiritual bride, and are of the Order of Melchizedek.
  Melchizedek was a royal seed, not just any seed.  This is a royal
line.  This line just does not serve but they rule also over God’s
creation and have the ability through faith to create.
  Melchizedek released a creative seed unto Abraham, as he blessed him at Salem.
  Blessings are a manifestation of power coming from another source than yourself.  Whether physical or spiritual,  Melchizedek released a seed into the loins of Abraham which gave him the  power to reproduce.  There was an impartation there to bring life….where there was not life.
  Life brings a creative faith to accomplish or achieve a goal, a promise.  Melchizedek deals with the foundations of faith or the roots that choke our your God-given dreams.  The seed of Abraham and influences were destroyed by where  he lived in revelation.  It was the Daughter of Babylon.  Babylon is the place of many idols, gods, philosophy and opinions.
  The God of Abraham had no place!

Copyright © 2018 Rodney Folkers All Rights Reserved


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