Rodney Folkers Legacy

A Messenger of our generation, a silver trumpeter, a pathfinder of the coming movements of God, Pioneer of the new wineskins, of the prophetic and the apostolic. An Elijah of our Generation, Rodney Folkers was one of the first to challenge Jezebel, and the religious systems of our day. A prophet of the coming prophets and apostles. An apostle of wisdom to many sons of the faith…

Missionary to Africa… Missionary to Haiti… Philanthropist to Modern Day Apostles, Modern Day Prophets, and Missioners…

Founder of Pure Seed Ministries, Larimore North Dakota… Founder of Gideons Winepress, East Grand Forks Minnesota… Founder of House of Wisdom, Phoenix Arizona… Cofounder of Supplication International Ministries, Omaha Nebraska…

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