God’s Word is His Bond!

God’s Word is His Bond! by Rodney Folkers


Without faith it’s impossible to please God!
God is a ‘word’  Father…above everything else.
His word is His seed which He plants.
In the beginning was His word, and his word was with God and his word is God.
Jesus is the word as the second Adam.
In creation, Jesus himself is the spoken pure word of the Father.
The first Adam in the earth failed God, the Father, by accepting satan’s word over God’s word.
Adam mixed the seed of God which he was never to do.
Sin is spoken but  thoughts also move us to action!


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The Sting of Death and It’s Power Over Mankind!


The Sting of Death and It’s Power Over Mankind! By Rodney Folkers

The sting of death is the power of death, that came into the earth through the tree of evil, which was the seed of satan!  His seed is cursed seed that was pronounced by God on satan and his fallen angels.
Once man partook of this seed of this seed by his own will, he then  was in bondage to the curse and the power of it’s creator! The creator being Lucifer, the devil. God told Adam not to touch this tree nor any fruit it produces.
What’s in the seed is what’s in the root. Again the root is satan, who is the ‘father of lies’.  He is a deceiver through lies.  When mankind
transgressed God’s warning, then mankind also was placed under a penalty called ‘time’.
I believe the sting of death is also meaning a time to death.
When Adam and Eve partook of the death, then mankind fell under a sentence of death.  Originally, mankind was never under death.
Mankind was and is a triune creature having a spirit, soul and a body.  When mankind died he died in spirit, soul and his body began to die or deteriorate unto death.
All three parts had to be redeemed.  Each part represented one day of time to restore mankind back to his original creation!
Jesus was three days and three nights int he body of the earth.
Oh, death  oh, death, where is your sting power?
Man lost his dominion over death when he transgressed the commandment that God had said to Adam and Eve.  Man’s dominion was over death itself.  Death itself and its time was pronounced over satan and his fallen angels.
That which is evil has a death sentence to it or on it.  The sting of death is the fear of death.  Fear itself has torment.  Mankind was  given dominion over death…thus it’s sting was not known or experienced by any human creation.
The sting of death is it’s torment.  Jesus was never subject to death.  Jesus had dominion over death and it’s torment or torture!


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The Three Keys…Adam and Eve Lost!

The Three Keys…Adam and Eve Lost! by Rodney Folkers


The Three Keys…Adam and Eve Lost!


Adam and Eve lost the keys unto the Kingdom!


Jesus said, My Kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy through the Holy Ghost or by the Holy Spirit.  None is righteousness in his fallen estate as a natural born creation.  Not one person!


Why? Because a Law called Death has canceled out mankind’s standing with God…or being the same as God.


Death itself, in the beginning, was not the creation of God as we understand death.  The first death is the separation from God who is the life of all his creation! God alone gave his creation it’s life and the role that it plays in fullfilling it’s creative purpose.


God rules over his creation by sound.  Sound represents His voice.  In other words His voice goes out into the earth…for He neither sleeps nor slumbers.


All of His creation knows His Voice!


Rodney Folkers

The Messenger




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The Eyes of Fire…

The Eyes of Fire… By Rodney Folkers


For the Bride is sealed in fire, purged in fire, walks in fire and is illuminated with fire…her clothing is fire!

  They are the elect of god and do not see death.  Death has no power in them.  No corrupt seed.  They are of the Zadok order and are blameless.
  This group will feed the flock with pure bread and new wine…because they have access to the storehouse in heaven!
They are of the order of the first creation, before the fall.  They serve foundation seed only….Pure Seed.
  As a golden container, they serve what they are themselves.  As the God of Glory thunders, so do these repeat and give out His Word with clarity.  These possess the King’s message to all in the Kingdom who have prepared themselves…  washed their robes.
They are a hidden spiritual bride, and are of the Order of Melchizedek.
  Melchizedek was a royal seed, not just any seed.  This is a royal
line.  This line just does not serve but they rule also over God’s
creation and have the ability through faith to create.
  Melchizedek released a creative seed unto Abraham, as he blessed him at Salem.
  Blessings are a manifestation of power coming from another source than yourself.  Whether physical or spiritual,  Melchizedek released a seed into the loins of Abraham which gave him the  power to reproduce.  There was an impartation there to bring life….where there was not life.
  Life brings a creative faith to accomplish or achieve a goal, a promise.  Melchizedek deals with the foundations of faith or the roots that choke our your God-given dreams.  The seed of Abraham and influences were destroyed by where  he lived in revelation.  It was the Daughter of Babylon.  Babylon is the place of many idols, gods, philosophy and opinions.
  The God of Abraham had no place!




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Rodney Folkers Legacy


A Messenger of our generation, a silver trumpeter, a pathfinder of the coming movements of God, Pioneer of the new wineskins, of the prophetic and the apostolic. An Elijah of our Generation, Rodney Folkers was one of the first to challenge Jezebel, and the religious systems of our day. A prophet of the coming prophets and apostles. An apostle of wisdom to many sons of the faith…

Missionary to Africa… Missionary to Haiti… Philanthropist to Modern Day Apostles, Modern Day Prophets, and Missioners…

Founder of Pure Seed Ministries, Larimore North Dakota… Founder of Gideons Winepress, East Grand Forks Minnesota… Founder of House of Wisdom, Phoenix Arizona… Cofounder of Supplication International Ministries, Omaha Nebraska…